The baby sea turtles hatch together in the Chocó (Photo: Vicki Kellaway)

Colombian Navy escorts baby sea turtles back to safety in the Pacific Ocean.

Colombia’s Navy showed how it protects one of the country’s most fragile inhabitants – baby sea turtles.

Thousands of tiny Olive Ridley sea turtles are abandoned by their mothers every year and left to hatch on Colombia’s beaches before making their treacherous first pilgrimage to the ocean alone.

These endangered newborns risk being killed by dogs, birds and crabs, poached for their eggs, meat, skin and shells and perishing under fierce sunlight. They are no bigger than the palm of a human hand yet must walk up to 20 metres to reach the water.
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Hundreds of Olive Ridley turtles found dead on Puri beach

BHUBANESWAR: Close on the heels of the mass deaths of whales on a Tamil Nadu beach, over 300 Olive Ridley turtles and a dolphin were found dead along the Puri beach on Wednesday.

Though carcasses of Olive Ridley turtles are usually washed ashore on Puri beach during winter, this was the first time such a large number of sea turtles perished in Puri. The forest authorities and marine fisheries on Wednesday seized two trawlers for carrying out illegal fishing despite a ban in view of the nesting season of the turtles.

Puri collector Arabinda Agarwal said he has sought a report from the concerned agencies about the cause of the deaths. "This is unfortunate that a large number of Olive Ridley turtles died on the beach. It seemed they were hit by trawlers," Agarwal told media persons.
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After the death of the Rafetus swinhoei from Vietnam

Representatives of the Hanoi People's Committee said the legendary turtle died because of natural law "birth - aging - disease - death", especially in cold weather.

Associate Professor Ha Dinh Duc, who has been researching the Hoan Kiem turtle for about 20 years, said he was informed about the death of the turtle at over 4pm on January 19 by an official from the Hoan Kiem Lake management board.

According to the Management Board of Hoan Kiem Lake, after the legendary turtle was found dead, the board staff brought the turtle to the Ngoc Son temple for cleaning and preservation.

At the same time, social media began publishing information about the turtle.
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