What Do Turtles Eat: Human Foods That Pet Turtles Eat

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There are many different kinds of turtles in the world. Some are suitable to keep as pets, while many can grow very large and weigh many hundreds of pounds. We are going to focus on the type of turtle that is suitable to keep as a pet. These are the type that you might find at a pet store. Turtles that live in the wild will have a difficult time adapting to captivity and are best left in their natural habitat.

What Do Turtles Eat: Human Foods That Pet Turtles Eat

Turtles eat many of the same foods that humans eat. Turtles that grow up in the wild, will eat earthworms, guppies, snails or tadpoles. But they also like vegetables such as green beans, carrots, potatoes, apples, bananas and even berries.

Since there are many different types of turtles available at pet stores, check with the pet store on the best type of food for your particular turtle. The pet store will be able to sell you products for your turtle, however, you can save money by feeding your turtle many of the same foods that humans also eat.
Some turtles will also eat apples, cantaloupe, and even strawberries. They like carrots cucumbers and beats. Cut the fruit into small portions and place the food at the dry end of the tank. If you can capture grasshoppers, spiders or crickets your pet turtle will appreciate this diet. This will provide them with protein which is also important for their diet.
What do turtles eat and what environment do they enjoy?

Turtles like to live in semi-aquatic environments. They can live as long as 15 to 25 years. Owning a pet turtle is a long-term project and something that should be considered before making your purchase. You will need to set up your turtle’s environment in an aquarium. The aquarium should have a dry side of the tank as well as an area where they can immerse themselves in water.
The water should be kept at 70°F overnight so you may want to invest in an underwater heater to maintain the water temperature. The dry side of the aquarium should include a landing dock which is a perfect place for the turtles to rest and chill out. You might also add some small branches for them to climb on. Your objective is to duplicate as close as possible an environment similar to their natural environment.

Turtles can co-exist with other turtles and also fish. They like to eat small fish. If you are concerned about losing some of your fish, you may want to segregate them somehow. Your turtle’s health is important. If you notice that it is not eating normally, hiding more often, swollen joints or droppings that are runny for several days, your turtle may not be doing very well. Talk to an expert at a pet store or visit your vet to have your turtle assessed. There is also lots of information online to assist.
How to handle pet turtle properly
Never pick up your turtle by the legs. Always lift your turtle at the midsection and keep fingers away from their beaks. Kids can sometimes be a little rough with small turtles. Teach your children how to handle pet turtles properly.

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